What Is Now Happening in Korea

Whose government and police are they?

On Saturday alone, more than 200 people were arrested,
and it is said that two high schoolers lost their eyesight and one veteran got a fatal injury.
(It is interesting that the police arrested NOONE when Chinese students had a protest on the torch relay day.)

What I want to make clear is, that this is not an anti-US beef protest anymore.
When the candle protest started, the citizen demanded the government to re-negotiate.
However, since the government was not listening to its people at all,
now the issue has expanded to an anti-government protest.

The protesters are shouting MB Out -- which means the president should resign,
and the government started to put down the crowd via the method they used to use 20 years ago.

..... I feel that I'm living the 1980s, not the 21st century.

Posted by saint.juste

June 1st, 2008 05:29 June 1st, 2008 05:29
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What the heck are these Chinese doing in Korea?

That's shocking. I could expect there would be some conflict, but Chinese students went way farther.
They were organized, violent, and semi-armed with stones, sticks, and wrenchs.

They wanted other countries to respect their sovereignty, but here, they were not respecting other country's law and regulations. OK. GO BACK TO THAT GREAT YOUR COUNTRY.

I found a great posting at AllBlog. The gist is following:

The students should be expelled out of this country. It's not that difficult.
They violate Korean law. They can be arrested, then will be dismissed from school.
Then, they cannot hold their student visa any more.
Do this. That's what will be the most scary thing to those Chinese students.

However, will Korean government and police do that?
No way. They are scared of losing Chinese money,
and will do anything to make the Chinese government feel better.

What a shame. I really want to exile.

Posted by saint.juste

April 27th, 2008 14:17 April 27th, 2008 14:17
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Moving to TextCube...

I just finished moving to TextCube. Good-bye to Wordpress.

Really, it's great to be home. -- much familiar interface, and most of all, control panel in Korean ^0^
I didn't know that I could convert all the texts into English with just one click.
If I had known, I wouldn't have even tried that complicated and "seriously ugly" wordpress.

Actually, I haven't used that English blog that much.
Quite a bit was because I didn't really find the design I liked.
(Yeap. 5 years at THE festival made me obsessed about design, color, layout, and font.)

Now I'm back to TextCube with a bunch of stylish skins.
But anyway at this point, I'll try to setup the category and everything.

Why am I always motivated to do something for my website whenever I have so much to do?

Posted by saint.juste

March 9th, 2008 00:10 March 9th, 2008 00:10
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