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My Favorite Quote Nowadays

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"Fill water in soccer stadiums, so that Tae-Hwan* can swim.
Freeze the water in winter, so that Yu-Na** can skate."

- A netuser's comment, after Korean soccer team failed to enter top 8 at Beijing 2008.

* Tae-Hwan PARK: Swimmer. Got one gold and one silver at Beijing
** Yu-Na KIM: Figure Skater. Two-time Grand Prix Final champion (06-07). Two-time world bronze medalist (07-08))

I agree that Korean soccer players should have "hungry spirit."
I cannot understand why their performance is so poor while they are strongly supported (both financially and emotionally) by the government, Korean Soccer Association, and by the people.
(See Tae-Hwan and Yu-Na. They did terrific even when noone paid attention to what they were doing.)

Compared to the soccer team, the baseball team is doing quite well, which is good for the players. (They won't have their stadiums filled with water. ^^)

Go for the Gold >.<

Posted by saint.juste

August 21st, 2008 18:13 August 21st, 2008 18:13
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