What the heck are these Chinese doing in Korea?

That's shocking. I could expect there would be some conflict, but Chinese students went way farther.
They were organized, violent, and semi-armed with stones, sticks, and wrenchs.

They wanted other countries to respect their sovereignty, but here, they were not respecting other country's law and regulations. OK. GO BACK TO THAT GREAT YOUR COUNTRY.

I found a great posting at AllBlog. The gist is following:

The students should be expelled out of this country. It's not that difficult.
They violate Korean law. They can be arrested, then will be dismissed from school.
Then, they cannot hold their student visa any more.
Do this. That's what will be the most scary thing to those Chinese students.

However, will Korean government and police do that?
No way. They are scared of losing Chinese money,
and will do anything to make the Chinese government feel better.

What a shame. I really want to exile.

Posted by saint.juste

April 27th, 2008 14:17 April 27th, 2008 14:17
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