EXILE vs. SE7EN - Style

Actually, when I started this blog, I thought most of my postings will be fall into the com/con category -- comparison & contrast. But.... who knows?? This has become the first posting in this category. Moreover, this is not I really planned before. It just came up to my mind when I was listening to EXILE's Single Best album.

EXILE - Style
- The second single of EXILE, a Japanese pop/R&B band

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release date: December 12, 2001
label: rhythmzone
oricon weekly peak: 11
weeks on chart: 10
lyrics: Kenn Kato
music: Face 2 fAKE
tie-up: Ending theme of "ASAYAN" (TV Tokyo)

- the second Japanese single of the Korean pop/R&B singer. He was one of the Korean singers who made debuts in Japan in the Winter Sonata boom in Japan

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release date: May 23, 2005
label: Nexstar Records
oricon weekly peak: 10
weeks on chart: 9
lyrics: shilbee
music by: D.A.I.
tie-up: CM song of VENTUNO "E-CURE," starring the Korean actor Kwon Sang-Woo

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