BoA Finally Makes Her US Debut

BoA, a Korean pop singer who started her career success in Japan, is finally making a debut in the US pop music industry. Her digital single, "Eat You Up" will be released on Oct. 10, 2008. BoA and LEE Su-Man, the CEO of her management, SM Entertainment had a press conference yesterday, and introduced the song's video teaser. According to them, the production and management staff is composed of the well-known names in the American music industry. At this point, I don't want to make any prediction. I'll just wait and see.

However, this time she cannot get any help from the political/economic situation, which, at least partly, brought her success in Japan. Indeed, this is what makes this observation more interesting. (Especially after Rain's seemingly bitter failure.) Yeap. She will be my research topic for the Asian Media class.

Anyhow, here go the two video clips presented yesterday. The first one is directed by a "Western" director, Diane Martell, and the second one by a Korean director, CHA Eun-Taek. (Video Source:

For more information, go to:

BUT, the website doesn't work at all.
It took me about 5 minutes to see the flash on the front page, and all the video clips keep stopping. If they really wanted people in the US to see the website, they had to make it less "heavy": with less flash, and smaller files. Anyone who clicks to see the website will be irritated and just leave. (I tried to find any contact email to tell them.. but I coudn't find any. Even in SM's Korean website!)

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