EXILE vs. SE7EN - Style

Actually, when I started this blog, I thought most of my postings will be fall into the com/con category -- comparison & contrast. But.... who knows?? This has become the first posting in this category. Moreover, this is not I really planned before. It just came up to my mind when I was listening to EXILE's Single Best album.

EXILE - Style
- The second single of EXILE, a Japanese pop/R&B band

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release date: December 12, 2001
label: rhythmzone
oricon weekly peak: 11
weeks on chart: 10
lyrics: Kenn Kato
music: Face 2 fAKE
tie-up: Ending theme of "ASAYAN" (TV Tokyo)

- the second Japanese single of the Korean pop/R&B singer. He was one of the Korean singers who made debuts in Japan in the Winter Sonata boom in Japan

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release date: May 23, 2005
label: Nexstar Records
oricon weekly peak: 10
weeks on chart: 9
lyrics: shilbee
music by: D.A.I.
tie-up: CM song of VENTUNO "E-CURE," starring the Korean actor Kwon Sang-Woo

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Febuary 18th, 2009 22:46 Febuary 18th, 2009 22:46
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Koreans' Reaction to Starbucks' Store Closure

Starbucks Closing 300 Stores, Laying Off Nearly 7,000 (Washington Post)

Starbucks' plan of closing stores and laying of its employees was reported by Korean newspapers. Korean readers' response to the news was a bit funny, showing Starbuck's dominant status in the country. Here are some of them.

- But Korea will feed you. Don't worry.
- Korea is just having more and more stores! There is just no vacancy even in the second floor! I cannot just find a seat!!!
- But overall revenue of Starbucks won't decrease that much ^^. Because we're protecting your stores. damn.
- You have Korea on your side. giggle-giggle
- Korean Starbucks is still strong and steady. giggle.
- It might become a Korean company someday. giggle-giggle.
- Korean Starbucks is increasing the number of its stores. If it goes like this, Korea might take over Starbucks. giggle.

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January 28th, 2009 21:01 January 28th, 2009 21:01
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History of BoA (2) -2001

Despite the (rather) failure of her first Korean album, BoA and her management, SM Entertainment announced that she will make a debut in Japan. Her "special" Korean album, "Jumping into the World" was a kind of declaration of her international move, containing songs in Korean, English and Chinese. On March 7, 2001- the release date of this special album, she had a debut showcase in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan with a huge support by AVEX and AXEV, which were her record label and management in Japan. In the showcase, she was introduced as an "international artist" who is fluent in Japanese, English and Korean.

Jumping into the World_Korean special album
- march 7, 2001
- sales: 90,568
- monthly chart peak: 6
- 2001 MIAK annual chart: 74

Don't Start Now

ID; Peace B_Japanese debut single
- may 30, 2001
- sales: 40,470 (14,740 in the first week)
- oricon weekly peak: 20
- weeks on chart: 6
- tie-up: DDI Pocket "Feel H Sound Market" CM song

Amazing Kiss_Japanese 2nd single
- july 25, 2001
- sales: 59,450 (15,720)
- oricon weekly peak: 23
- weeks on chart: 8
- tie-up: NTV "Romihi" ending theme in August
               LF "Show Up Nighter" ending theme in July
               Kanebo "Testimo" CM song

Kimochi wa Tsutawaru [Feelings will be delivered]_Japanese 3rd single
- dec 5, 2001
- sales: 77,220 (18,020)
- oricon weekly peak: 15
- weeks on chart: 10
- tie-up: Lotte "Eare" CM song

The Meaning of Peace_song+nation charity single, duet with Kumi Koda
- dec 19, 2001
- sales: 66,840 (23,230)
- oricon weekly peak: 12
- weeks on chart: 7

(couldn't find a PV. I'm attaching the commercial, instead.)

As you can see above, all her solo singles got tie-ups and the duet single was produced by Tetsuya Komuro, the legendary producer in the J-pop industry, which show the degree of support by AVEX. What is noticable here is the the four-month gap between her second and third single. No matter what the reason was, for these four months, she improved her Japanese and vocal skills. I still cannot forget the shock when I first heard her 4th single, Listen to My Heart, which I will list up in next posting. I screamed, "OMG, BoA sings as well as Ohk Ju-Hyun or Kim Hyun-Jung!!"

* OHK Ju-Hyun: the lead vocalist of "Fin.K.L.," one of the two most popular Korean girl band in history -- the other is S.E.S. She used to be famous with her vocal skill based on classical vocal training. It's a pity that she lost such a great vocal ability after her "famous" diet.
KIM Hyun-Jung: one of the Korean pop divas at that time. She was famous for her high-pitched and powerful vocal skills.

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December 27th, 2008 20:09 December 27th, 2008 20:09
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